Newsletter #12 Don't Force Your Creative Ideas, Let Them Come to You Instead

Let's catch up and talk about our feelings.

Hey there!

Let me be honest with you. I was thinking of slacking off this week’s newsletter issue.

I just couldn’t find an exciting enough topic for my next issue. I thought whatever I’d wrote would be cliché, boring, and repetitive.

But then I asked myself, what’s so wrong with being a little cliché or repetitive? We’re not splitting atoms here for god’s sake.

I’m only writing a newsletter to provide you a fresh 5 minutes of your day, to relax, and ponder on issues. And if I succeed at that, lucky me!

Perfectionism was in the game again, like it always is.

What I’m going to say may come off as a little repetitive now, but I warned you beforehand. I, again, just can’t shake off my creative depression.

I still don’t know what kind of articles I want to write. I’m still confused and uninspired.

It’s like I forgot how to write and am afraid of venturing out on new article topics. It all feels strangely foreign.

I tried everything to get my mind of that creative slump and reinvigorate my writing motivation this past week.

I’ve been to 2 amazing concerts, one was a rock and the other a jazz concert (or a festival kind of thing). Concerts being alive and well makes me happy, after Covid and not being able to concerts. And the concerts were free!

I’ve stayed over at my friend’s, we had candid conversations and had a great time together. I had many coffees and beers outside and walked for miles in the breezy yet sunny September weather.

I’ve started to read a book and read many articles, I watched travel videos and many episodes of different tv-series. I’ve listened to a bunch of music. I did a lot of stuff to distract my mind. Yet here we are again.

This sounds unhopeful, but maybe I shouldn’t just push my creative potential. The brightest of ideas will come to me at the most random moments, like they always had, in the past.

This is just a period, and I can spend that period fulfilling myself in other ways, by having brave conversations, losing myself in books, and strolling around the neighborhood.

I know my creative spirit will be reawakened somehow.

What I wrote this week?

Despite all this kind of depressing opening of the newsletter, I wrote an article after all! But only one, this past week. Here it is:

6 Quotes From 12 Rules for Life That Will Help Change Your Worldview

If you read last weeks’ newsletter issues, you know I’ve been reading 12 Rules for Life and I told you in last week’s newsletter that I finally finished it.

Getting inspired by the book and in honor of finishing it, I composed this article, from the 6 quotes I found striking from the book, and interpreting those powerful quotes through my own words and experiences.

I think you’ll find this article motivational. It gives you the boost to change yourself for the better, and it offers you tangible reasons to do so. All thanks to Jordan Peterson’s impactful words.

What I’ve been reading?

After finishing 12 Rules for Life during vacation, I gave a break from reading books. I only could pick up a new book on Sunday evening. The book was Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl.

I doubt anyone not hearing about this book as it is pretty popular in not only psychology but the self-help realm and it’s pretty talked about in the Medium sphere as well.

I intended to read this book for quite some time too, especially as a psychology student. It’s been long resting on my reading list.

Well, I’m halfway into it and I intend to finish reading it today, as it’s a short book. I’m in the part where Frankl tells his story in the concentration camps and not yet reached the part where he talks about his therapy approach “logotherapy”.

It sure is an intense read, to read about the most horrible conditions a human can encounter in their lifetime. But it’s a must-read for sure. It shows you how meaning can be found even in the direst of situations.

I also want to note that ever since I started to write this newsletter, my book reading habits have livened! I’ve read 7 books this summer, 2 of them I reached halfway, and one of the books being a trilogy and consisting of 3 short novels!

This is a good number of books for me to read as I’m not that good at reading books. I’m happy that this article and writing in general created this higher motivation to read more books.

In the same way, I hope reading my newsletter will have a similar positive effect on you, even if a tiny effect, I’d be thrilled if it touched my readers’ life in some way.

Wishing you a great rest of your week!